empowers lawyers and clients worldwide

with secure, encrypted, advanced technology for virtual legal consultation and payment

Leveraging the foremost video conferencing tech stack to extend lawyers market access and increase the efficiency and value of legal services.

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About Us

An App for Legal Consultation

We’ve made it easy for lawyers and clients to find each other.

Our secure, encrypted app lets lawyers and clients communicate securely via video, voice or text from wherever they are.

Need a lawyer ASAP?

Gone are the days of searching the internet and contacting law offices to know a lawyer’s specialty, charge rates and availability. Whatever you’re going through, Lawmato can help you find the right lawyer in your area in minutes. Our one-of-a-kind legal app connects you with lawyers for on-demand consulting and legal services.

Lawmato provides information about a lawyer’s specialties, geographic location and consultation charge rates. Once you find the right lawyer and provide some information, simply schedule a consultation and pay for it on our secure platform.

For a scheduled consultation, you’ll only pay for the exact length of the consultation and a transparent hourly length. We also offer immediate consultation for a flat fee. There are no retainer fees for potential clients meeting with lawyers virtually through Lawmato.


Wondering how to find legal clients?

We’ve got you covered. Lawmato is the perfect lawyer app to find and meet new clients virtually,  increase the efficiency of your business, and strengthen your professional brand. Best of all, there are no upfront or out-of-pocket costs for lawyers.

Once a potential client contacts you, you can first check for any conflicts that would bar you from consulting with the client. If everything looks good, you can then respond by accepting a day and time requested or offer an alternative day and time when you are available. Finally, you can virtually consult with the client.

Lawmato charges your client for the consultation so you don’t have to. Lawmato will process the payment after your consultation. After the consultation, Lawmato will deduct the credit card processing fees and flat rate technology fee. At the end of the month, Lawmato pays you the balance from all of your consultations during that month.

You can also use Lawmato to find other lawyers with different specialties to provide more robust services to your clients.

Our Story

Lawmato’s founder, Tom Tong, is an experienced international law partner at one of the world’s top law firms. While working on a matter for a telemedicine client in 2020, Tom had a brilliant idea – if people loved telemedicine, they’d probably also love a telelaw. Why not create an on-demand legal app that helps people and businesses find and consult with lawyers virtually? In August 2021, Tom brought his vision to reality and launched the first Lawmato app.

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