A First-of-its-kind App for Legal Consultation

Empowering lawyers and prospective clients worldwide with secure, encrypted, advanced technology for virtual legal consultation and payment.


A First-of-its-kind App
for Legal Consultation

Empowering lawyers and prospective clients worldwide with secure, encrypted, advanced technology for virtual legal consultation and payment.


Find Each Other in Minutes

Book appointments with each other on various matters such as:

Intellectual Property

Real Estate



Business Law

Estate Planning

Criminal Law


Other Specialties

How It Works


Get instant connection with lawyers for on-demand consulting and legal services. 


Meet clients virtually and increase your business while strengthening your brand.

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Prepaid legal plan

Prepaid legal plan

Frequently Asked Questions

As a consumer, you only pay the prorated fee for the minutes you virtually consult with the lawyer. For example, if you choose to schedule a virtual consultation with a business lawyer who charges $300 per hour and meet them for 20 minutes, then your fee would be $100. 

To pay for a virtual conversation, you submit your credit card information via the app (web, Apple or Android) when scheduling the appointment. A hold is placed on your credit card or cash pay app for one hour of the lawyer’s consultation fee. After your consultation is completed, your credit card is charged for the time you consulted with the lawyer. For example, the lawyer’s hourly rate is $400. You meet for 15 minutes. Your consultation fee is $100, which is charged, and the hold is removed.

An immediate consultation is a virtual consultation with a general practitioner lawyer who will discuss your matter or issue with you to help you determine whether you have a legal issue, what type of legal issue you have, the potential options to address the legal issue, the potential costs to address the legal issue and what type of lawyer or legal specialist you want to hire moving forward. Think of this as a way to get the information you need to decide if and how you want to go forward.

An immediate consultation costs a flat rate of $99 for up to 20 minutes for a virtual consultation with a general practitioner lawyer. If you and the lawyer agree to extend beyond 20 minutes, then an additional flat rate fee of $99 will apply.

Whether you’re a lawyer or consumer, you’ll need to register with Lawmato on our website or through our Apple or Android app. Once you register, then the virtual legal consultation world will be your oyster.  

For consumers, you have two options. One is that you can choose an immediate consultation to talk with a lawyer immediately for a flat rate. The other option is to use the “Find a Lawyer” button. This option allows you to choose a legal specialty in your chosen jurisdiction, review the lawyers, choose to contact your chosen lawyer and complete the required information to schedule a virtual legal consultation. For scheduling, you will need to have basic information about your legal matter available such as names, locations and a description of the issue. Once you submit your request, the lawyer will review and confirm availability or propose an alternative day and time.

For lawyers, you register with your email, complete your profile, decide whether you want to be part of the immediate consultation option and wait to hear from new paying clients. You also have the option to search for a lawyer using the “Find a Lawyer” button if you need a consultation for a different specialty area or in another state.

If you have any technical issues while using Lawmato, please send an email with all of the information (name, email, description of issue, etc.) to Someone will get back with you as quickly as possible.

Lawyers don’t pay in advance to use our platform. As a lawyer, the prorated virtual consultation rate is reduced by the credit card processing fees and a flat rate technology fee. The balance is then paid to the lawyer after the end of the month with no upfront or out of pocket fees. For more information, email us at


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